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Blog 3 - How to acquire New golf equipment?


Eastman Golf Links 2017 - Golf Equipment      
 flightscope-screen1.png    FlightScope is utilized at Eastman GL

When it comes to testing and purchasing golf equipment you can trust the professionalism of the golf shop staff at Eastman. The following paragraphs explain The Golf Shop at Eastman's strategy and benefits while you contemplate new equipment.
Current model golf equipment is available to see, try and purchase, even while conditions outdoors are horrible. Indoor facilities can be helpful in the search process, with ball flight information from fantastic software like FlightScope and Track Man. However, you don't get real world feedback like you do from actually using these clubs on the golf course.
You need the opportunity to evaluate:
  • ball flight in the wind
  • ball flight and feel from a variety of grasses
  • response of the clubs in wet and dry conditions
  • club feel under a little pressure on the course, not a 10 X 10 hitting room
  • club feel from both full swings and short pitch shots

These are only a few factors to evaluate.  Golf equipment selection needs to be a thoughtful process with golf professionals rather than a seduction by hype and slogans. Golf equipment is very high in quality and it should last you for years.

We allow you to trial equipment as often as you like, without charge or obligation. We also offer a three or four payment plan which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Many golfers will spend 15 minutes asking questions with Mark or Danny first before hitting certain clubs at the driving range. From there, the golf course becomes the real testing grounds. You can even trial the clubs at courses away from Eastman.

How about trades? Yes. Our golfers are catching on to this service that we offer. Click here for further information. The Golf Stix Value Guide is easy to use and saves you money. You simply look up the trade value, print a coupon from the website and redeem it at the golf shop when you are ready to buy. The golf shop takes care of the rest.

Which equipment lines will Eastman carry in 2017?

  • Taylor Made is our deepest offering for men and women
  • Ping Golf will be well represented for men and women this season
  • We will carry the complete Callaway Golf line
  • Wedges from Titleist (vokey), Cleveland 588 RTX and Taylor Made TP
  • Putters from See More, Taylor Made, Titleist and Ping
  • We can special order from many other companies

The Golf Shop at Eastman is very appreciative of the support from the golf members and ECA community. You deserve these programs and investments that we make in FlightScope and inventory at large. We certainly hope that you will always consider The Golf Shop at Eastman when buying golf equipment.


Most of our 2017 equipment inventory will arrive by mid April.

Please follow Eastman GL via Facebook 

Please follow Eastman GL on Twitter as well

Thank you,

Mark Larrabee, PGA, Owner of The Golf Shop at Eastman
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Blog 2 - What does the PGA logo mean for you?

pga logoMark Larrabee, PGA Golf Professional
The PGA logo at Eastman Golf Links represents golf operations acumen. That means you as a customer will benefit from professional service and fun times when you come out to play. Mark Larrabee, PGA member for 30 years, has 'on the job' training that brings fresh ideas to the golf operation on a regular basis. Click here and let Eastman's website show you.
Danny Kish, PGA Apprentice, is following his dream to become a PGA Member while in his third season at Eastman GL. Danny will make you happy as soon as you enter the golf shop. Danny represents the most sincere, genuine and helpful golf staff in New Hampshire.
We study the golf business. We constantly ask our golf members and customers for their opinions and suggestions. We make it extremely easy for our customers to do business with us. We truly want you to be thrilled about your experience at Eastman Golf Links.
Supporting the golf staff is an amazing group of volunteers from our golf membership and ECA community at large.
We are communicating to the customer base in many ways. The easiest way to stay in contact with Eastman GL is through our email system. We respect your time. We send emails to engage, entertain and educate you.
We are actively participating in social media;
We hand you a free Course Yardage Guide upon your first visit.  
  Benchcraft booklet Eastman Cover
We offer a complimentary Eastman Golf smartphone app for Apple iphone and for Android from Google Play.
Want to book a tee time 24/7? Sure. you can do that from our website, from our Facebook page, from the Eastman Golf app and from our mobile page, too. You can always call the golf shop at 603.863.4500 and not suffer through an automated phone system. You go directly to a helpful human being.
What's the point? We have a staff that cares. We do it right. We have a fabulous golf course. We have a full service golf shop and inventory. We have a full service restaurant. We have several ways for you to tell us how we are doing. We want you to enjoy yourself when you are at Eastman GL.
Why all this effort? We think it matters. Tell us what you think.
See you soon. We are passionately looking forward to the 2017 season and to serving you.
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