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Golf Equipment 2017

 The Golf Shop at Eastman solves equipment problems!
Pro LR 872
 Mark Larrabee, Owner & PGA Professional - in business at Eastman GL since 2006
Danny Kish, PGA Apprentice Professional at Eastman GL since 2015
We have inventory for men, women and kids. Ages 3-93. Special orders can be placed twelve months a year.
We typically carry Titleist, Ping, Taylor Made, US Kids Golf (juniors 3-17), SeeMore Putters, Cleveland Wedges and others, in-stock.
We can also special order equipment from Mizuno, Callaway, Cobra, Odyssey and others.

If you agree with one or more of these statements, maybe it is time to upgrade your equipment!
1. A portion or all of your clubs are five to ten years old, or older!
2. You have never been custom fitted for any of your sticks!
3. You are using a set of irons that have two or more clubs that don't match the set!
4. You are stuck using a driver that you bought off the sale rack and you play poorly with it!
5. You still don't have a hybrid in your bag!
6. Your putter produces forty-plus putts per round and you have nightmares about it!
7. You demoed new clubs in an indoor fitting station, bought them, but can't do S _ _ T with them on the golf course where it counts!
8. You are intimidated by all the choices of equipment and their price tags!
9. You still don't have an easy to use sand wedge for bunker shots, never mind soft lob shots over the bunker!
10. You are still looking for a friendly and knowledgeable golf shop that has full sets of clubs to try before buying!
11. You have too many older clubs that you would like to trade! Click here for the Golf Stix Value Guide website.
Solutions come from caring PGA professionals, top quality brands and flexible programs! See our solutions below!
titleist               m9 m9w 159      ping 2016g driver 540              taylor made golf m2 irons steel 2.jpg                     cleveland wedge

Solution - The golf shop has more than 150 demo clubs that you can try on the range and on the course, free of charge.
Solution - You can trade older equipment you don't use any longer. Golf Stix Value Guide. Plug in your exact models, condition, quantity and bam! You have an instant discount. Bring the estimate into our golf shop for confirmation.
Solution - Golfers can take golf equipment to another course to try. (non-members need to leave a valid credit card with the golf shop)
Solution - Demo the clubs multiple times. Be sure. Get it right. It is a big decision.
Solution - Feel free to barrage Mark and Danny with questions about the equipment during your trial.
Solution - You can try new equipment while taking a golf lesson. Kill two birds with one stone.
Solution - We can utilize the Blast Motion 360 through our iphones so you get receive immediate feedback on swing stats as you trial different clubs.
Solution - If you choose a formal fitting, we can do informal fittings, too. We will utilize the FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor which provides lots of data.
Solution - Your purchases can be broken into multiple payments, depending on the amount of the buy. (Mark can offer 2, 3 or 4 payments, with a credit card)
Solution - If you are buying for a loved one or friend, buy a convenient gift card that never expires.
 Additional Learning Opportunities:
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